Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing in the Mud!

In 2nd grade we are learning about the properties of loam, sand, and clay.  The students explored which soil was the stickiest and which held the most water. Using what they discovered, they created a recipe for the best mud pie!  It was so amazing (and educational) to be able to play in the mud!

Students try to determine which soil is the stickiest.

 Making Mud Pies!

Giving a Helping Hand

On Earth Day the second graders filled the gym to help BV students pack meals for the needy.  It felt great to do something to help others!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  The kids in 2J have been busy learning the parts of the eye and how our eyes work.  Today we dissected  cow eyes!  Nurse Twyla and two student nurses came to help us dissect the eyes and learn a little more about eyes.  THANKS Twyla and student nurses!

 The retina (above) and the cornea (below)

Making Music!

After learning about the parts of the ear and how we hear, the kids in 2J had the opportunity to make their own instruments.  It was so much fun to see how creative they could be with some rubber bands, wax paper, plastic containers, and chop sticks!  The end result was quite noisy, but all of the different sounds lead us into a good discussion about why some of the vibrations made a high pitch and some made a low pitch. What a great learning activity about sound, vibrations, and hearing! 

More Measurement

Measuring in centimeters!
The students got a chance to build a ramp to roll a car down.  The object was to see which car would roll the farthest.  Students used a meter stick to measure the distance each car went.  It was a great activity for the kids to practice team-work and measurement.